28 Apr 2016
It may be a short week in the Community (due to the last days of Pesach) but MGB has still had a huge week - hosting a sports clinic, Leadership 'Hands-On Days' and an event with one of the biggest names in the world of entertainment.
28 Apr 2016
Hands On.jpg
11 young leaders take part in the latest part of their year-long course
28 Apr 2016
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Two sports over four days for young, Jewish athletes of both genders across the Community
28 Apr 2016
MGB Union Jack Euro 2011 Corner.jpg
A combination of experience, passion and quality equals a perfect mix to lead Team GB's Lionesses in 2017
26 Apr 2016
Ben Winston and Boyd Hilton.JPG
An incredible event saw one of the biggest Producers and Directors in the world give his insight into the entertainment business and steering Team GB Open Football to a Gold Medal back in 2011