26 Aug 2016
See a round-up of all the week's headlines and explore what sporting events are coming up from next month
23 Aug 2016
Maccabi GB Years 5 and 6 Girls Football(MM)9553.jpg
One of the most important parts of any young person's life is at school is sport and exercise. See when our latest School Sports Tournaments are for the new School year
19 Aug 2016
Have a look at how Team Maccabi GB waved goodbye to the USA and check out what exciting events we've got coming up this Autumn
15 Aug 2016
After an amazing JCC Maccabi Games, our Delegation took some much-deserved time away from competing.jpg
Following an amazing eleven days in the US, our Delegation had one more stop to make before heading home
12 Aug 2016
This week, there is a special focus around our JCC Maccabi Games Delegation. Find out more