16 Apr 2019
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As the community prepares to celebrate Pesach, we hear a special message from Rabbi Carlos Tapiero from Maccabi World Union.
15 Apr 2019
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The Yellow Candle Project is set to engage members of the community for a third year with 30,000 being distributed across 150 communal organisations. Outside the Jewish community, leading figures in politics, sport and other organisations are also being asked to light candles to remember individual victims of the Holocaust.
11 Apr 2019
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Take advantage of the early bird discount and sign up before Monday to save on your registration fee. Plus check out what events we have coming up this spring - from Young Professionals to Toddles & Tea, there's something for everyone. Shabbat Shalom from Maccabi GB!
05 Apr 2019
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We announced Tennis ace Jordan Miles will coach Team Maccabi GB Tennis for the EMG this week plus will you be our 250th runner? Sign up now to be in with the chance of winnings a FREE personal training session! Register now to get active at our Community Sports Days! Shabbat Shalom from Maccabi GB!
02 Apr 2019
International Games - Pelorous.jpg
Maccabi GB, in partnership with UJIA and the Jewish Chronicle, is proud to appoint Jordan Miles as Junior Tennis Coach for the European Maccabi Games (EMG) in Budapest this summer. Miles will work alongside Tennis Chair Stephen Joseph.