11 Sep 2017
Leadership by Streetwise is a unique Sports Leadership programme delivered by Streetwise and the community's sports provider, Maccabi GB. The programme is accredited by Sports Leaders UK.
09 Mar 2017
The Leadership by Streetwise Programme for 14 – 18 year olds looking to qualify as Sports Coaches has been keeping its young leaders very busy this month. Read all about it here!
10 Oct 2016
See all the amazing projects, programmes and events which we have hosted in the last 3 months
15 Sep 2016
Leadership by Streetwise Brochure FRONT COVER.jpg
Run your own sports club. Coach sport sessions. Manage a team. Be accredited by Sports Leaders UK. Do it all on the Leadership by Streetwise Programme
11 Jul 2016
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The latest Leadership by Streetwise weekend took place this weekend - read more here!