Maccabi GB believes that a Community that plays together stays together and our programming aims to bring as many people together as possible from all ages, abilities and religious observances.

The Maccabi GB Community Fun Run has developed beyond recognition in its 11 years.  In year 1, the average participant was the seasoned runner, checking their split times over the 10km course.  The age breakdown of participants at the 2017 event highlighted that 50% of the runners were under the age of 15.  With each of them attending with at least one parent, we have worked hard over the 11 years to shift the atmosphere of the day, to that of a social and fun family day out, rather than a competitive running race.  The Community Fun Run has also established itself as an environment where all religious denominations feel welcome.  The charity fair is unique within the Jewish Community as it includes the United Synagogue, Masorti, Reform and Liberal Judaism as well as groups from the Charedi community.

This focus on bringing the Community together for a social experience is epitomised at the Community Dog Walk.  With 3 or even 4 generations of family attending the event, although the Dog Show is extremely competitive, again the objective of the event is to create a positive recreational environment where over 250 members of the Community can come together in a fun and social space.

Through all the Community Sports Days organised, the social fabric of the events is constant throughout and there are many stories and anecdotes which confirm this.  The Community Netball saw international Maccabiah netball players compete with those who haven’t played since school and the Community Badminton saw families come together and enjoy an afternoon of fun and competitive action.

To get involved in Maccabi GB's events either as a volunteer or participant please contact the office on 020 8457 2333 or email