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Generation 2 Generation

Come and visit members of Generation 2 Generation (G2G) and hear how inspirational stories about the Holocaust continue to be heard and passed down from Generation to Generation.

Generation 2 Generation (G2G) is a charity that provides speakers to tell their family Holocaust stories to a wide range of audiences.

We enable learning about the Holocaust through personal stories of survivors, presented by their children and grandchildren, integrating first-hand survivor testimony.

We aim to ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust are learned: the need to promote tolerance and understanding and combat prejudice and discrimination.

We provide our speakers with mentoring, skills workshops and technical assistance to create engaging, historically accurate, high-quality presentations. Our talks have a strong educational emphasis integrating oral or visual testimony, personal and historical photographs and film, letters and other artefacts.

We arrange for our speakers to deliver their talks in educational, community, civic and private organisations to support their Holocaust education programmes.

Demand for our speakers is high and increasing. This academic year our speakers have delivered 360+ presentations reaching more than 40,000 people.

We look forward to welcoming you to share our stories.

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