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Elliott Simmons Challenge Israel Tour

The Elliott Simmons Maccabi GB Challenge Israel Tour is a unique trip to Israel for young people with mild to moderate learning difficulties. Over the 12-day trip, participants tour the country whilst learning about cultural, historical, religious and social elements as well undertaking an activity each day involving a physical ‘challenge’


Who was Elliott Simmons?

Elliott Simmons was 59 when he died over 10 years ago.  He was extremely proud of his Jewish heritage and always had a close connection to Israel and his Jewish Identity.

He did not have a conventional upbringing and in his later years suffered badly from mental health issues but always tried to have a positive outlook on life. He was an only child and sadly, his mother and father passed away many years earlier. However, because of the substantial wealth within his family, Elliott requested that on his eventual death he wanted to support charities involved in mental health issues or, the other great love of his life, music.

Having no close family connections, a private charitable Trust was set up in his name on his passing, to make sure his wishes were complied with. The Trustees are extremely happy to support the Maccabi GB Challenge Tour, knowing this would have been something close to his heart.

Who is the tour for?
​For 16-20 year olds with mild to moderate special educational needs and we are also looking for volunteers to lead the tour


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