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Leadership by Streetwise

Optional National Accreditation by Sports Leaders UK

Due to large amounts of feedback, we have decided that this year it would be optional.

To gain the SLUK awards/qualifications, the participants must complete a coursework style booklet, certain amount of volunteering hours, and submit it by a specific deadline. We understand that not everyone that wants to take part in Leadership, wants the award too, so we have decided to give it as an option. All curriculum time and content will be the same for everyone but it is down to the individual participant to complete their volunteering hours and booklet in their own time. It will cost an extra £25 per participant.

Year 10

- Level 1 Qualification in Sports Leadership

- 1 hour of supervised volunteering

- Complete a 20 page evidence booklet

Year 11

- Level 2 Qualification in Community Sports Leadership

- 5 hours of supervised volunteering

- Complete a 30 page evidence booklet


Year 12/13 (Participants only pay once but can complete across 2 years)

- Level 3 Qualification in Sports Leadership

- 14 hours of supervised volunteering

- Complete a 60 page evidence booklet

- This qualification provides 16 UCAS points

Two Residential Weekends Away (Mandatory)

Residential Weekends are for participants to learn core leadership skills, develop their confidence, grow friendships, explore Jewish values, and have lots of fun with the support of trained and experienced staff and leadership alumni.


  • First Weekend – Friday 11th  (2pm) – Sunday 13th November (4pm)

  • Second Weekend – Friday 10th (2pm) – Sunday 12th March (2pm)

*School absence letters are available upon request. Due to Shabbat timings and educational benefits of the programme, schools are typically supportive.


Hands on Events (Optional)

Hands on Events are day-long events (10 - 4 usually) which provide theory and practical leadership training based at different organisations, camps, schemes, residential homes, etc.. we offer the participants specialised training in the morning, assist them in planning sports activities and then have them deliver their plans in the afternoon.

These volunteering experiences are great to put on CVs and to talk about in interviews.


Volunteering at the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run Weekend (Mandatory)

The biggest sporting event in our community is Maccabi GB Community Fun Run and we are lucky that our Leadership participants have an essential role in the day.

Roles include raffle selling, ushering, supporting charities, welcoming guests, and much more.


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