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Athlete/Management Declaration

•    I declare I am a bona-fide sportsperson according to the rules of the governing federation of my sport and a member of the Jewish faith.
•    I will abide by the rules of the sports competition and the Code of Conduct as set by Maccabi GB. In the case of a breach of these rules a disciplinary committee set up by Maccabi GB will deal with the case which may result in expulsion of the Games. I understand that if I were to be sent home that this would be at my own expense. 
•    I acknowledge that Great Britain’s participation in the Games is from 6th July 2025 – 22nd July 2025 and that I am to be present for the full duration other than in exceptional circumstances and only if sanctioned by the Team Maccabi GB Organising Committee.
•    I agree to abide by the terms of the Charter of the Central Council for Physical Recreation as follows:-
a.    to abide by the laws and the spirit of my particular sport as well as the principles of good sportsmanship and fair play.
b.    to accept the decisions of umpires, referees and officials without question and protestation.
c.    not to cheat and in particular not to attempt to improve performance by the use of drugs or other illegal doping methods.
d.    to exercise self-control at all times.
e.    to accept success and failure, victory and defeat with good grace and without excessive display of emotion.
f.    to treat opponents and fellow participants with due respect at all times.
•    If any changes take place relating to my medical, emotional, mental or physical condition before departure, I will immediately submit an explanatory medical letter, detailing diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.
•    There must be no swapping of uniform until after the Opening Ceremony.
•    I understand Maccabi GB accept no responsibility for any injury, or loss, theft or damage to personal possessions, prior to, or during the Games, nor as a direct result of the Games following the return of the squad. 
•    I understand and accept that the athletes selected to be part of Team Maccabi GB are ambassadors for their country, their sports and the Jewish nation, and as such will behave in a suitable manner at all times.
•    I understand the decisions of Maccabi GB are final and binding at all times and in all instances.
•    I will accept and abide by the rules and regulations of Maccabi GB and uphold all of its principles. I hereby agree that I will adhere to all of the rules and regulations of the Maccabiah Games including, without limitations, the medical procedures established by the Games Organising Committee.
•    I further hereby grant permission for, and waive any rights to, the use of any photographs, motion pictures, recording or any other record of my participation in the Games or any events or occasion ancillary thereto, without consideration of any kind, for any legitimate purpose.
•    I undertake that I am signing this declaration as a contract between myself and Maccabi GB.
•    I agree that my actions and conduct will not bring Maccabi GB into disrepute. 


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