European Maccabi Confederation Newsletter: April 2015

April 19, 2015



Dear Friends ,

We are in the middle of the final countdown to the
14th European Maccabi Games in Berlin,Germany. 
In less than 100 days we will meet in Berlin for the biggest international Jewish sports event in Europe, 70  years  after  the Shoah.

Jewish athletes from more than 30 countries and five continents will meet to compete in 20 different sports. I know that all our athletes are training and are focused to give their best In the EMG.

In the end of May we will have our yearly MWU Congress in Israel. 
This Congress marks the kick-off for the 20th Maccabiah that will take place in

Israel in July 2017. It is of greatest importance that each T.O. be present.
Please register as soon as possible.

This week we mark the 67th birthday of the State of Israel.
We wish our Homeland continuous growth, peace and prosperity.

Am Israel chai ve kaiam!   Be strong and courageous!


Motti Tichauer
EMC Chairman



With the rhythm of Flamenco music and dancing, the Maccabi FLF team, young professionals from 20 countries, arrived in Madrid to participate in a three-day seminar. The seminar was organized by the European Maccabi Confederation, lead by the chairman Mordechai Tichauer, the Honorary Sports Director of Maccabi Europe Robert Cohen, and Asaf Golan, the European Maccabi Shaliach. 


The seminar was made possible thanks to the cooperation of

Maccabi Spain president Sergio Smolkin, Paula Menis representative of the board, Diego Lerner General Secretary and the FLF Organising Team (German/Brenda/Alex/Dan/Guido/Marcos),  and thanks to the support and donations of many international businesses.


It was an event that united young Jewish people from all over Europe with the spirit of  sport and Maccabi famous slogan: "Hazak Veamatz", "be strong and courageous"- that's the way the people in Maccabi see their voluntary work- as a mission.


The opening of the seminar took place in "Santiago Bernabeu" - the stadium of Real Madrid soccer team. With a traditional Sangria in our hand we listened to the beautiful words of Mordechai Tichauer, Diego Lerner and Robert Cohen. Afterward the Maccabi Tzair team took the lead and challenged us with knowledge games. This section of the seminar ended with a photo we all took together.


On Friday evening we visited the synagogue of Madrid, Balmes, experiencing a heartwarming Kabalat Shabbat dinner, where we sang songs together with the local Jewish community.


Shabbat morning was a beautiful sunny day. We went to Casa Sefarad - a museum and conference center in the center of Madrid, where we had two sessions with Dana Zalicha, psychologist and organizational consultant, about leadership empowerment. After that we met the President of the Jewish Community of Madrid, David Hatchwell, who talked about the meaning of leading a Jewish community abroad. The FlF session with Asaf Golan discussed living as a Jews in our country, Zionism and anti-Semitism.  


On Shabbat evening, after the "Havdala", a funny magical thing happened when the FLF team came dressed up as a lion, pilot, famous Sandy from Grease, Danny, Banana, someone from China, Mini Mouse, a friend from space, Mister Bean, cowboy, and two ballerinas in black. We all went to an amazing Purim party with non-stop music and dancing where lots of local young Jews joined us.


On the last day we went to the sport center of Maccabi Tzair, where they meet every Sunday. We met the Israeli Ambassador Alon Bar who discussed the elections in Israel. Later we had an activity together with a guide and cadets of Maccabi Tzair. We were divided into groups, some of us played soccer and some built a pyramid of people. Than we had a picnic with the local Maccabi family. Maccabi Tzair Spain gave us a beautiful souvenir: the picture we all took together in the stadium, and another one that was taken during a great bicycle tour around Madrid. This tour was an opportunity to get to know the city. We stopped in El Retiro Park near the lake and then ate lunch in San Miguel market, where we tasted typical Spanish food like Tapas and Paiya.


The seminar ended with a letter that Robert read which was written by one of our friends from Maccabi Spain during the  previous seminar in Israel. All of us wrote 3 things we would like to see in the next FLF seminar. 


We are all looking forward to the next seminar in Israel - May 26 - June 2, 2015!


Yaarit Rahamin 






Maccabi Madrid Futsal team makes history. After playing 7 seasons in the second local division, after staying at the gates of upgrading so many times, the team won promotion to the top division of SS Alcobendas Reyes, 5 rounds before the end of the championship.

Now, with the first of the goals accomplished, the team will try to be the champion of the league, and will continue preparing for the EMG in Berlin, where they hope to finish a historic season

Congratulations !!


March 19-21, 2015 the tournament took place for the 14th consecutive time in Bratislava, Slovakia, with participants from 6 European countries. The tournament was organized by Dagmar Gavornikova, the President of Slovak Maccabi Organization. The Israeli Ambassador, Alexander Ben-Zvi, opened the tournament.

Hakoah Copenhagen celebrated its 90th jubilee on January 30, 2015. 
It was an amazing party with almost 500 participants from the whole of  the Jewish Danish Community.
All the living honorary members were gathered - 10 people, who together with the current leadership of Martin Norden represent over 40 years of chairmanship in Hakoah Copenhagen.
MWU and EMC was represented by Arne Rabuchin, who brought the greetings in his speech during the party. 


President Sauli Niinistö gave the opening speech of the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Persecution at the Synagogue of Helsinki on January 27, 2015.

This day marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp in the contemporary Poland, where about 1.1 million prisoners were killed. Around 90 per cent were Jewish.

"We have recently again been shocked by what we have heard and seen. Three weeks ago, people were brutally killed in Paris due to their opinions and work. The attack on the Jewish shop in the related course of events was no coincidence. Innocent people are also continuously being killed in Nigeria, Pakistan and Yemen," Niinistö said.

"The threat of terrorism and violent extremist movements has grown. Racism, xenophobia and antisemitism have become more evident in our communities. Hate crimes and hate speech are also contemporary phenomena that are present in all countries.  In part, such illegal activities are intended to spread fear and instigate insecurity. The aim is to derail the everyday lives of ordinary people and destabilise functioning societies."


Maccabi Spain representatives in the Board of Youth, Nomi Meschiany and Culture, Marisa Nicemboin, attended the ceremony of the International Day for the Remembrance of the Holocaust.

April 4, 2015 in Reykjavik Karate championship for Nordic
countries took place, with athletes from Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Estonia.
Li Lirisman from Maccabi Estonia won the bronze medals.
Congratulations and continued success!


February 4-9, 2015 championship of Ukraine in boxing among women, youth and juniors took place in Chernovtsy. More than 200 of the best Ukrainian boxing athletes competed to be the best in their weight and age categories. Among them was Sarita Zagorskaya from Dnepropetrovsk, who became a candidate for the Master of Sports of Ukraine. Congratulations !!


Some 8,000 people, mostly between the ages of 16 and 35, have visited the "Orient-a-Sion" fairs taking place in Paris, Lyon and Marseilles - well over 1% of the entire French Jewish community.

The fairs, which were jointly organized by The Jewish Agency for Israel and the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, aimed to expose French Jews to the range of opportunities available to them in Israel, as well as to "Israel experience" programs offered by Masa Israel Journey, a joint initiative of The Jewish Agency and the Government of Israel.

Dozens of representatives from Israeli organizations and government bodies, including Maccabi World Union, presented their MASA programs and opportunities to have a meaningful experience in Israel.

MWU flagship program is Bekeff Hachshara, was presented by the EMC Shaliach, Asaf Golan. The program is offered for ages 18 - 22Beginning its 4th year, Bekeff Hachshara is a modular program for youth interested in having a unique experience in Israel where participants can choose their program with great flexibility. The Basic component of the program permits participants to select options such as Marva, MADA, Kibbutz or Tel Aviv. During the time spent in Tel Aviv, students are required to select curricula courses which must occupy at least 4 days per week. Course options include Hasbara, Krav Maga, Photography, English, Ulpan and Sports. In addition there are optional workshops available such as Cooking, & Guitar which do not count toward curricular activities.




On February 4th - 5th, 2015 Leadel's flagship event, known as The FLY Conference, took place in Budapest. The conference is a hub for Jewish professionals/entrepreneurs to explore new connections, resources, and professional endeavors. With an emphasis on Israeli innovation, FLY provides an opportunity for guests to gain practical skills, insights, and know-how from top industry experts, while showcasing initiatives of their own.

The 2015 FLY Conference, is a focal point for Technology Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, Jewish Innovators, Senior Executives, and Industry Experts from across the globe. In today's world, abundant with information, the personal connections and networks are priceless to achieve professional success and common good. The FLY's highly intense agenda includes plenary sessions by inspirational speakers; interactive practical tracks by experts and business angels; peer-to-peer sharing, exhibition space and pitch contest for early stage startups.

Robert Cohen, the EMC Honorary Sports Director, was invited as a keynote speaker. Prior to the conference was the European Community Forum where a selected committee of 12 top European leaders discussed programs, projects and opportunities to collaborate. During the event, Robert Cohen and Asaf Golan Golinsky (EMC Shaliach) presented the Maccabi Future Leaders Forum (FLF) as a social entrepreneurship program to potential partners and sponsors.

The EMC participation at the conference strengthened the message that we are looking for opportunities to develop, grow and partner up with organizations who support our ideals and our belief in the future of young leadership.


Zsofia Boros - triathlon racer of Maccabi VAC, silver medalist of the Maccabiah 2013- and Borbala Lakos (17. place in 10 K) - also silver medalist on Maccabiah 2013- competed in the Jerusalem Marathon. The athletes represented the Hungarian flag wonderfully and Zsofia Boros finished on 19th place in her age-group on the half-marathon.



Winter swimming is very popular in Kharkov. The public association "Saltovsky Walruses" is one of the leading in this sport. A significant number of Maccabi Kharkov members, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, are included in the community of fans of extreme sports.

Winter swimming competition was held with great success by the initiative of Maccabi Kharkov and the association "Saltovsky Walruses". The competition took place on the last day of winter, on the eve of Purim, in one of the reservoirs in Kharkov. Competitions were held with 60 participants in three age groups at distances of 25 and 50 meters. Great work was carried out by the organizers of the event, preparing the venue and taking care of the safety of participants and spectators. The organizers were well prepared and in addition to the sport competition conducted a diverse cultural and entertainment festive program.

All participants and winners of contests and competitions were awarded with Maccabi diplomas, medals, cups and prizes. After the awards ceremony, as expected, there were songs and toasts by the fire, on which an appetizing porridge was prepared.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the organizers and participants we had a lovely holiday of health and spirit!



March 9th 2015 in the "Menorah" center in Dnepropetrovsk a big sporting event was organized by the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community, jointly with the Dnepropetrovsk branch of JAFI, with the support of Maccabi Ukraine and United Jewish Community of Ukraine. 70 participants took part in competitions in two sports - Table Tennis and Active Chess.


The opening of the competition was attended by the Chairman of Maccabi Ukraine, Mark Belostotsky; Chairman of the Jewish veterans of sports of Dnepropetrovsk Leonid Gorodnov; and Director of the Regional Association of Jewish Communities, board member of Maccabi Dnepropetrovsk, Igor Romanov. According to the regulations of the tournament, competitions were held in two categories - "professional" for athletes with an official rank, and "amateur" for everyone.


The Table Tennis tournament was conducted by the Swiss system, the Chess tournament - by round robin, the Chief Referee of the Chess tournament was Leonid Gorodnov; Tennis - Vitaly Savranskii.


In the Chess tournament the first place was won by Oleg Volovelsky, second place went to Zeev Gelfand, and the bronze was won by the multiple champion of the region, participant of the championship of Ukraine, one of the brightest young Chess talents of the country, Maxim Usatenko.


Among the amateurs of Chess the awards were distributed as follows: 1st place -Igor Romanov; 2nd place - Vladimir Muller; 3rd place - Jacob Pikelny.


In the Table Tennis tournament among professionals the first place was won by the Champion of Israel in Table Tennis Alex Shapiro; second place went to Gennady Portnov, and the third to Ilya Tkach.


Among amateurs of Table Tennis: Irina Volovelskaya won the first place; second place - Irakli Shatashvili, and third place - Michael Berezanskii.


The chief organizer of the tournament, Igor Romanov said: "For us it was a great honor to welcome at the sports festival the leader of Maccabi Ukraine, Mark Belostotsky. Of course, this is not the official championship of the community, however, we hope that such competitions will be regular not only in Dnepropetrovsk, but also in other cities."






March 25 2015, on the eve of Pesach, the Spring Championship of Rapid Chess among students of Jewish schools was held by Maccabi Odessa.

The tournament was supported by the Israeli Cultural Center in Odessa, JAFI in Ukraine and "Ohr Sameach". Sponsors of the event were the company "Teletrade" and the information-analytical publication "Money Plus".

Participants werer greeted by the Vice-President of Maccabi Odessa, Victor Zubkov, the regional Director of JAFI in Ukraine, Shlomo Azarov and the President of FC "Maccabi-Odessa", Igor Feinstein.

The participants and guests heard with great interest a comprehensive lecture of Maccabi Odessa President, Alexander Bromfman, about the Maccabi Movement in general and about the long and rich history of Maccabi in Odessa.

In the competition, which was held according to the Olympic system, took part 42 Jewish students of all ages, both boys and girls.

The winner and medalists were: Vladislav Druzels, 7th grade - 1st place; second and third places were taken, respectively, by Yuri Mogilev, 7th grade and Maxim Tverdohlebov, 5th grade.

All participants and winners were awarded with gifts and prizes.



On February 10, 2015 Maccabi VAC and KPMG, the prominent audit company, jointly organized a business forum. The event is a new initiative that will become a tradition hopefully. The purpose of the forum was the presentation of the European Maccabi Games held in 2015 and the old traditions and new activities of Maccabi VAC. His Excellency Ilan Mor, the Israeli Ambassador to Hungary, opened the event. The Ambassador has a personal connection to sports and has spent many years in Berlin as a diplomat. We were delighted that Ilana Ben Namer Keveházy, the daughter of Mihály Keveházy, former Honorary President of VAC, also joined us and represented MWU. Heisler András, the president of MAZSIHISZ also praised our activates in his speech. The forum was a great opportunity for KPMG and other companies to introduce themselves and to network. We are confident that with this excellent initiative even more actors of the business-world will get to know the activities and events of Maccabi VAC.


Adam Jusztin

Chairman Maccabi VAC




Community's Girls bring it all to the table at Secondary Schools Badminton & Table Tennis Tournament 

March 25 2015, Kenton -  Maccabi GB hosted the latest Maccabi GB (MGB) and Jewish Chronicle (JC) School Sports Tournament with Secondary Schools Girls Badminton and Table Tennis taking centre stage - or in this case, centre court and centre table. The event, at JFS, welcomed five schools who brought a total of 140 girls to compete.


Community's girls can thanks to Maccabi GB Community Netball Day 

March 22 2015, Kenton - Jewish women and girls showed that passion for sport within the Community is not just for the boys as Maccabi GB hosted the largest Jewish Senior Netball Tournament in the UK. Over 100 women took part in the Maccabi GB 'Ladies-Only Community Netball Day' at JFS, Kenton, which was held in partnership with the Sport England initiative 'This Girl Can'.


Maccabi GB Community Badminton Day courts players from across the Community 

March 8 2015, Hendon - Maccabi GB hosted the largest Jewish Badminton Tournament in the UK on Sunday as players of all ages competed at the Maccabi GB Community Badminton Day.


Latest Maccabi GB Jewish Walking Tour paints a new view of London for participants 

February 22 2015, London - Maccabi GB held the latest Jewish Walking Tour Of London, which had a unique twist as it gave the 20 participants an opportunity to experience the paintings at the famous Guildhall Art Gallery. 


Maccabi GB Challenge Tour 2014 participants reunite 

February 15th 2015, Kenton - It was a Challenge Tour blast from the past on Sunday as participants and leaders from the Maccabi GB Challenge Tour 2014 reunited at 'Maccabi GB @ Kulanu', Kenton, for a Tour Reunion. Almost three months on from the November 2014 Tour the participants, their parents and the leaders took part in an afternoon of reminiscing, activities and, of course, carry on the friendships they made during their 12 day trip around Israel. 


Slam-dunk for Maccabi GB & The JC's Secondary School Boys Basketball tournament

King Solomon and Immanuel College claim the winners' medals 

February 4th 2015, Kenton - King Solomon had a bounce in their step as they came away with two winner's titles from the Maccabi GB & Jewish Chronicle Secondary School Boys Basketball Tournament. Immanuel College also claimed a victory in the annual event. 


Sinai girls can kick it at latest Maccabi GB & JC School Sports Tournament 

February 4th 2015, PowerLeague Mill Hill - Sinai's girls showed they could kick it with the best of them as they beat 20 other teams to win the latest Maccabi GB (MGB) & The Jewish Chronicle (JC) Primary School Girls Football Tournament.


Paddle power for Jewish players at Maccabi GB's Community Table Tennis Day 

February 1st 2015, Edgware - Maccabi GB (MGB) served a sporting event to remember as Jewish Table Tennis enthusiasts of all ages and abilities swung into action at the MGB Community Table Tennis Day.

European Maccabi Confederation 
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European Maccabi Confederation Newsletter: April 2015
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