European Maccabi Confederation (EMC) Newsletter: December 2016


December 2016







Dear Chaverim, Maccabim,

The year 2016 was a very successful year for Maccabi in Europe. We had numerous sports and FLF events, we doubled the number of Fun Run events, Maccabi T.O.s continued being very active in their Jewish Communities

It is very important to remain united amidst the darkness and the evil of the horrifying terrorist attacks and the strengthening extreme right in Europe

We hope that Chanukah, the festival of the Maccabees, will bring a lot of light to the Maccabi Movement with the upcoming 20th Maccabiah in Israel

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the MWU Plenum in Israel in March 2017

The EMC Executive wishes you and your loved ones a Happy Chanukah



Dear Friends,

The EMC is happy to announce the second EMC SKI TRIP that will be held between 20-26 March, in France! 7 days of crazy fun and tons of snow are waiting for you!

Save the date: 20 - 26 March 2017




OCTOBER 27-30, 2016

The Basketball Tournament in Budapest was organized by Maccabi VAC Hungary, the EMG and the EMC, in preparation for the European Maccabi Games in 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. EMC Chairman, Motti Tichauer, EMC Sports Director Angelo Della Rocca, and the Shaliach Or Ben-Simchon attended the Tournament. The tournament was held in the Mom Sports Center.

10 teams registered to the tournament: 3 open teams from Denmark, Switzerland, Israel and 3 open teams from Hungary (among which one team of Christians, who are supporting Israel and the Jewish community in Hungary);  4 junior teams (under 18) - 2 from Israel and 2 local.

Everybody attended Shabbat service at the Frankel Synagogue, which was followed by Shabbat dinner in the Synagogue. During dinner EMC Chairman, Motti Tichauer, Peter Stern, representative of the EMG OC and Adam Jusztin, Chairman of Maccabi VAC Hungary greeted the participants. A representative of the Danish team spoke about the noble goal for which the team was established - the memory of Dan Uzan z"l, who was murdered by a terrorist, while defending with his body a Bat- Mitzvah ceremony in the synagogue in Copenhagen in February 2015. Dan was elected man of the year in Denmark for his heroism. Dan always dreamed establishing a Maccabi basketball team and participating in the Maccabiah and his friends decided to do it for him.


On Sunday the last match of the junior tournament took place, the final of the open tournament and the matches for the third and fourth places. The grand final was held in an impressive setting and was outstanding when the open Hungarian team and the Swiss team (with the participation of Or Ben-Simchon) provided a thrilling match, which ended with a score of 78-77 in favor of the Saint Paul Academy Budapest team that won the gold. In the junior tournament the Hungarian team won the gold, and the Israeli teams won silver and bronze medals.

The awards and medals were given by Adam Jusztin, President of the Jewish Community and Angelo Della Rocca.