JCC MACCABI GAMES 2016 REPORT: More medals for Team Maccabi GB as athletes take charitable action in the local community

Day 2 was another exciting day for Team Maccabi GB with more medals, high-scoring results and official seeding’s announced for the latter stages of competition. Many of our squads also took part in the JCC Cares Programme. The Programme is an opportunity for our athletes and artists to enhance their experiences at the Games by taking some time out of their competition schedules to participate in a community service project. This is what sets the JCC Maccabi Games apart from other International, Jewish sports competitions.

By the end of Tuesday Maccabi GB received 4 more athlete medals which brings our total for the Games to 14.

Please see below updates and results from our second day of competition at the JCC Maccabi Games:


Table Tennis

Our athletes played extremely well today. Jonathan Gibson was seeded 1st and Joe Newman was seeded 2nd.

Joe Newman, Jonathan Gibson and George Maurice made it through to the Semi-Finals, which culminated in an all Team Maccabi GB Final between Joe Newman and Jonathan Gibson.

Gold went to Joe Newman

Silver went to Jonathan Gibson


Bronze for Jason Pears in 100-yard freestyle

Bronze for Jason Pears in mixed team relay 

Boys U14 Football

Team Maccabi GB/FL 4 – Mixed Team 2

Lucas Schreiber


Team Maccabi GB/FL 9 – Mixed Team 1

Dylan Heller

Callan Stepsky x3


Team Maccabi GB 10 – Mixed Team 2

Rafi Zamet

Grant Birke x3

Joe Clifton

Eytan Millan

Josh Naftalin x2

Jake Greenfield x2


Team Maccabi GB 4 – Mexico (white) 0

Josh Naftalin

Eytan Millan x2

Joe Sanhouse


Girls Football

Team Maccabi GB 2 – Mixed Team 8

Emma Taylor

Eliana Jackson


Team Maccabi GB 1 – Mixed Team 3

Eliana Jackson



Third seeded matches

Josh Hennes won 8-0

Adam Bolchover won 8-0

Jake Jason lost 3-8

Louis Shaw lost 5-8


Fourth seeded matches

Josh Hennes won 8-3

Louis Shaw won 8-4

Jake Jason lost 3-8

Adam Bolchover won 8-0

Jasmine Randal won 8-6, then lost 1-8



Team Maccabi GB 13 - Mixed Team 20

Team Maccabi GB  9 -  Mixed Team 21



Joseph Twyford had another great day out on the golf course.



No dance took place today. The dancers went to JCC Cares and learnt an Israeli Dance as one of their activities.


Arts Fest

Abi Wander and Sonny Gayer had another day of rehearsals leading up to their big showcase on Thursday. We are looking forward to seeing all of their hard work.


We look forward to another exciting day on Wednesday!


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JCC MACCABI GAMES 2016 REPORT: More medals for Team Maccabi GB as athletes take charitable action in the local community
Team Maccabi GB's Girls Football Team take part in the JCC Cares charitable project.jpg
Our athletes keep returning to the podium on the second day of sporting competition, whilst some take the opportunity to visit a worthwhile communal project