13 Aug 2015
JCC Dancers 1.JPG
After much success across the squad so far, it was time for our dancers to get in on the medal action
12 Aug 2015
JCC Day 2 - Swimming.jpg
In an action-packed day on Day 2 of the tournament Great Britain have been making a splash, inside the pool and out
11 Aug 2015
JCC Tennis.jpg
It's medals already for Team Maccabi GB on the first day of sports in Fort Lauderdale. One of athletes even wins one for sportsmanship!
10 Aug 2015
The Delegation lands safely in America and begins the JCC Maccabi Games with an emotional Opening Ceremony
08 Jul 2015
Quarterly Report Front Page image.jpg
Click below to read a detailed report of what Maccabi GB got up to from April 1st-June 30th 2015: