21 Dec 2016
Maccabi GB 11_12_16(MM)7716.jpg
Anglo-Jewry feels the warmth of the 72nd Maccabi GB Chanukah Torch Relay
15 Dec 2016
Movement for Reform Judaism retain their title as 'Community's Smartest Charity'.jpg
No-one's extinguishing this organisation's light as they retain the title from last year's event
06 Dec 2016
UJS Logo.png
Two of the Community's largest organisations join forces to help students live healthier lives
04 Nov 2016
Mitzvah Day 2.jpg
We give the Community a chance to make a huge difference by doing a small action for those in need
21 Oct 2016
Please note, the Maccabi GB offices will be closed until Wednesday 26th October, whilst the Community celebrates Simchat Torah.