Maccabi GB Challenge Israel Tour 2016: Day 1

The Maccabi GB Challenge Israel Tour 2016 has arrived safely in the Holy Land.

There is an incredible programme planned for the ten young participants - all of whom have mild-moderate learning difficulties - and their seven leaders. They will spendng just under two weeks touring around the country taking part in cultural, social, historical and Jewish experiences. There will also be an element each day which challenges them in some way.

It was a long day for everyone, with some of the participants not having been to Israel before, but the plane ride was excellent and there are smiles all round from the group!

There is an early start for their first full day in Israel on Monday...

More to come from the MGB Challenge Israel Tour 2016...

Maccabi GB Challenge Israel Tour 2016: Day 1
It's smiles all round as the Israeli adventure begins for the group of young people with learning difficulties