Maccabi GB empowers young Leadership participants to run ‘International Kit Project’

Friday 4th September, London - In July, Maccabi GB launched ‘Leadership by Streetwise’s’ first ever ‘Summer Activate Programme’. Thirty-five 15 – 18 year old participants of the Leadership programme, signed up for the opportunity of being part of a summer event, with the ultimate aim of creating a new Maccabi GB summer project. Split into nine competing groups, participants were given a detailed brief that the event would have to be online; inclusive for everyone within the community, available to other Maccabi clubs around the world, have an educational value, enhance Jewish Identity/connections with Israel, and support Maccabi GB in being the leader of Sport and Health & Wellbeing within the Community.

Yvie Curtis, Youth Engagement Manager at Maccabi GB commented ‘We have been delighted with the enthusiasm and engagement of these young participants. It has been unbelievable to see their passion, drive, and commitment to creating such a successful event. We have been astounded at the level of reach the project has received and the level of engagement across the Maccabi world.'

The winning idea of the Summer Activate Programme was the ‘Maccabi GB International Kit Project’. An online event that engaged past Maccabi participants through the pride of wearing their Kit whilst competing for their country and connecting with other Jewish people worldwide.

Participants from the other eight teams supported the project working together in smaller group, focusing on marketing, educational content, specific project guidelines, as well as production of media materials to support the project.

The ‘Maccabi GB International Kit Project’ consisted of a Facebook group that shared content, including videos, educational threads on the lives and successes of historical figures within the Maccabi movement, and a showcase of personal stories and experiences related to their Kit.

Mark Berman, who has represented Israel, Great Britain and USA shared his Kit story, ‘Maccabiot are special to me. I’ve done 10 World Games and winning the Gold was special. It was the 50th anniversary of my Dad’s Yahrzeit and I wore the same number that he wore when he played High School Football – 31. I had always wanted to be a Maccabiah Athlete and attended the USA wrestling team trials in 1973 and when I found out about softball, I played and coached GB in 1997, coached Israel in 2001 (winning Bronze), 2005 and 2013, and now I will coach USA in 2022. Finally, I also attended the Pan American Maccabi Games in Mexico last year.’

The team used the Maccabi Europe Instagram account to reach a wider audience and received over 650 likes whilst gaining over fifty more followers. Through various Instagram and Facebook accounts, the three videos posted had over 2.5k views. The Facebook group was used for showcasing content and connecting old friends, 126 members of different Maccabi’s all around the world took part and joined.

Maccabi GB headed the project up with participation and support from Maccabi Europe, Maccabi Future Leaders Forum, Maccabi World Union, Maccabi Australia, Maccabi USA, Maccabi Canada, Maccabi CLAM.

TheMaccabi GB International Kit Project’ was only one of 9 ideas created during the Summer Activate Programme; each and every project was impressive, and represented the passion and dedication that Maccabi GB’s young leaders have for the organisation. The Summer Activate Programme has shown how – when given the necessary tools and empowerment - young people can become the driving force of any Jewish Charity.

Maccabi GB empowers young Leadership participants to run ‘International Kit Project’
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