23 May 2017
Maccabi World Union.jpg
As we celebrate Yom Yerushalaim, we hear a special message from Maccabi World Union's Department of Education.
21 Dec 2016
Chanukah 2016.jpg
The festival that the Maccabi Movement is truly known for is fast approaching. Read a special Chanukah message from Rabbi Carlos Tapiero
13 Oct 2016
Read a special Succot message from Maccabi World Union
06 Oct 2016
Maccabi World Union.jpg
There has been lots of activity from Maccabi's Delegations from across the globe. See what they have gotten up to
29 Sep 2016
As the world's Jewish Community prepares for the New Year, see what the head of MWU has to say before the Yom Tovim