10 Apr 2018
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This Yom Hashoah, we hear a special message from Maccabi World Union, Rabbi Carlos Tapiero.
06 Dec 2017
Maccabi World Union.jpg
We hear from the President of Maccabi World Union as we approach the Festival of Light and celebrate the story of the Maccabees
11 May 2017
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With Lag BaOmer around the corner, we hear a special message from Maccabi World Union.
20 Apr 2017
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As we look to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust read this special message from Rabbi Carlos Tapiero at Maccabi World Union.
09 Mar 2017
The Maccabi GB 20th Maccabiah Games Organising Committee took part in the Maccabi World Union Plenum 2017 this week.