Team Maccabi GB JCC Maccabi Games and ArtsFest 2017: Day 2

After a fun evening at Dave & Busters playing in the arcade and making life long friendships with all the JCC athletes, Team Maccabi GB were ready for the second day of the JCC Maccabi Games!

Please see below for all Team Maccabi GB scores:



Game 1 –  WON 6-0 against Mixed OC/KC/SPR/CHI

Goal Scorers: Eytan Milan x2,Grant Birke, Joe Franklin, Teddy Sonin & Jacob Sills

Game 2 – WON 3-0 against Panama

Goal Scorers: Eytan Millan, Teddy Sonin & Joe Franklin



Game 1 – WON 4-2 against Mixed KC/PA-PEN/MKE

Goal Scorers: Joe Bregman x2, Ben Barnett & Jake Frank

Game 2 – WON 4-0 against Toronto

Goal Scorers: Joe Bregman x3 & Ben Barnett



Game 1LOST 2-4 against Philadelphia

Goal Scorers: Josef Marks & Mikey Charney

Game 2 – LOST 3-4 against Panama

Goal Scorers: Josef Marks x2 & Mikey Charney



Game 1 – LOST 1-6 against Toronto

Game 2 – LOST 0-3 against Orange County



Noah Stewart WON BRONZE in Boys U14 Under 50 Yard Freestyle

Anatole Ferera WON BRONZE in 200 Yard Breaststroke

Noah Stewart WON BRONZE in 500 Yard Freestyle

Romane Ferera, Noah Stewart & Anatole Ferera WON BRONZE in 400 Metre Medley Relay



Game 1 - Joshua Imber WON 8-0 Miami

Game 2 - Joseph Salt WON 8-2 Palo Alto

Game 3 - Oliver Mosheim LOST 7-8 Philadelphia

Game 4 - Joseph Salt WON 8-0 Long Beach

Game 5 - Alon Hannuna LOST 5-8 Palo Alto

Game 6 - Oliver Mosheim WON 8-7 LA

Game 7 - Joshua Imber WON 8-1 Atlanta

Game 8 - Joseph Salt WON 8-2 Austin

Game 9 - Oliver Mosheim WON 8-0 Atlanta

Game 10 - Alon Hannuna WON 8-6 Long Beach

Game 11 - Joshua Imber LOST 3-8 Philadelphia



Single Matches

Game 1 Jacob Sobel v JCI Bensonhurst. WON 2/2 games

Game 2 - Sam Nissim v JCI Bensonhurst. LOST 2/2 games

Game 3 - Jacob Sobel (GB) v Sam Klein (GB). WON 2/2 games

Game 4 - Jacob Sobel v JCH Bensonhurst. WON 2/3 games

Game 5 - Sam Klein v JCI Bensonhurst. WON 1/3 games

Game 6 - Sam Klein (GB) v Jacob Sobel (GB). WON 2/2 games


Sam Klein WON SILVER in Table Tennis Singles Matches

Jacob Sobel WON BRONZE in Table Tennis Singles Matches


Double Matches

Game 1 - Jacob Sobel & Sam Nissim v Philadelphia. WON 2/2 games

Game 2 - Jacob Sobel & Sam Nissim v JCI Bensonhurst. WON 2/2 games

Game 3 - Sam Klein & Isaac Decker (Kansas City) v JCI Bensonhurst. LOST 2/2 games


Sam Nissim & Jacob Sobel WON GOLD in U14 Double Matches

Sam Klein & Isaac Decker (Kansas City) WON BRONZE in U16 Double Matches



Tali Orenstein WON BRONZE for her ballet performance.


She performed her hip hop dance today and will continue to compete tomorrow.



Jay Turofsky continued to participate in the ArtsFest Workshop. He worked with the rest of the participants to get ready for the 'Final Showcase' on Thursday.


Team Maccabi GB Delegation will be going to Miami Zoo with all the JCC Maccabi Games athletes on Tuesday evening. Full update tomorrow so watch this space.


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JCC Maccabi Games Day 1 Update

Team Maccabi GB JCC Maccabi Games and ArtsFest 2017: Day 2
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The JCC Maccabi Games continue with even more medals being added to our growing medal table.