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Streetwise works nationally with Jewish schools and Community organisations, enhancing the personal safety and personal development of young Jewish people to support their physical and emotional well being

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Leeds Jewish Free School


"The resources that you used were excellent and the sessions were engaging and thought provoking.  They were exactly what our students needed and were appropriate, useful and interesting.  More importantly, they covered areas of the curriculum that I would have struggled with and provided our students with some strong life skills.  
Once again a huge thank you for all the effort you put into planning and during the visit.  I look forward to working again with you in the future."

"We've been working with Streetwise for many years. I just wanted to say how impressed we have been by the recent sessions. The content of the programmes has always been excellent, but the children have really engaged with Talia and Dean (and Catherine last year) as facilitators. They know how to engage the children and deliver informative and relevant sessions. Streetwise is an invaluable resource to us and makes my life easier."

Rosh Pinah Primary School


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The National Holocaust Centre and Museum


"Nathan delivered a CPD session to our staff on antisemitism and conspiracy theories in February 2023. He covered an enormous amount of content in the afternoon and really prompted everyone to think deeply about the issues. All staff benefited from the session – from those who teach this material on a daily basis, to those whose roles are not as directly impacted. Everybody took away something useful and interesting. He also provided us with a list of useful reading and watching to consolidate the content. I would highly recommend Nathan’s session for anyone who needs to understand the extent to which antisemitism and conspiracy theories drive many of the challenges of our contemporary world."

Yavneh College


"Nathan & his team at Maccabi GB have run a number of sessions to Year 13 students at Yavneh College as part of an Advanced Leadership Course, preparing them for life after school. The particular focus was antisemitism education.
Students benefitted greatly from the sessions as they were encouraged to get involved and ask questions. Topics including discrimination, the equality act & where antisemitism comes from were all covered in the first session. In a follow up session, conspiracy theories were covered so that students could see how powerful they are and how quickly they spread.
Students left the sessions feeling more confident in being able to know where to turn to should they find themselves engaged in more difficult dialogue and topics.
Thank you to Adam, particularly as a past pupil of the school, for sharing your experiences of life on campus and how you dealt with certain situations. Students benefitted greatly from hearing first hand from you. Thank you Nathan for making these powerful & important sessions and discussions possible for our year 13 students.


Stand Up! delivers educational workshops, lectures and interactive programmes to students aged 11-18. Facilitators offer a fluid approach to adapting sessions, always aiming to meet students’ specific needs and the school’s social and cultural context. Each workshop is age appropriate and all workshops are offered free of charge.​

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Community Security Trust


"In 2021, the impact that the escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestinian people had on UK Jewry and the increase in antisemitic incidents was substantial. Within those weeks, 98 antisemitic incidents occurred within the school system. As a response to this, CST were able to make direct referrals to the Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination project, to help tackle the issue through its educational programme. Without a doubt, Stand Up! has been pivotal in allowing young people to explore important global issues whilst understanding how to do this without antisemitic prejudice. Education is key to eradicating hatred and Stand Up!’s unique position of looking at antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate, best places it to carry out this vital work. In 2021, the total number of antisemitic incidents that were school related was 182, CST is proud to be able to refer onwards to Stand Up!, to allow their expertise help educate young people and transform their perceptions and bias of the Jewish community.""

King Solomon High School


"Just want to say a big thank you to you and your team for coming in to school last week for Life Skills. The students really engaged with it and we feel that they took a lot from it. Without organisations like Stand Up! we would not be able to run programmes like this which are so vital to the school."

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Ifield Community College


"Stand Up! workshops have helped our students to work together to recognise and celebrate difference within our school community. Students have reported that it has helped them to consider different perspectives and ideas around culture and belonging and that it has helped them to positively deal with these issues when the need arises. They have felt that it has empowered them to know what is right and wrong and how to react to these issues when they arise. Staff have reported how positive and useful these sessions have been and that students were very engaged. We have found Stand-up to be an invaluable resource in supporting our community and Personal Development ethos within our school."

International Events are of paramount importance to Maccabi GB and cater for both the elite athletes of the Community as well as for young people to experience their first taste of representing Great Britain abroad

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