International Games

International Games are of paramount importance to Maccabi GB and cater for both the elite athletes of the Community as well as for young people to experience their first taste of representing Great Britain abroad.

The Maccabiah Games, referred to as the "Jewish Olympics", were first held in 1932, in the midst of a worldwide depression. 390 athletes and 14 nations competed, figures similar to the participation in the very first Olympic Games 36 years before.

The Maccabiah is now the 3rd largest sporting event in the world, after the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, and take place every 4 years in Israel - the next one will be in 2021.

The European Maccabi Games take place every 4 years in a different European capital city with the upcoming one taking place in Budapest in the summer of 2019.

The JCC Maccabi Games take place every year in North America with the 2018 JCC Maccabi Games taking place in Orange County, California.

The Maccabi Youth Games is a new initiative launched in 2018 taking place in Israel.  Mixing sport with meeting people from around the world, the Youth Games incorporates competition with seeing the sites of Israel

To get involved in any of these international events please contact the Maccabi GB office on 020 8457 2333 or email enquiries@maccabigb.org.