With the Maccabi World Union headquarters in Israel, the centrality of Israel is an important part of the work carried out by Maccabi GB. We are committed to engaging the Community with Israel, strengthening their identity to the Jewish homeland and taking as many participants as we can to experience Israel themselves.

The Maccabiah Games are the pinnacle of the Israel programmes, but 2017 also saw the second UJIA Birthright in partnership with Maccabi GB Sports Tour to Israel (Maccabi GB Birthright).  The 10 day experience for young adults who have not been on an organised trip to Israel before was themed around the Maccabiah, giving the 27 participants, a unique access to Team Maccabi GB and the Games themselves.  The group visited a variety of different places in Israel including Jerusalem, Tzfat, Tel Aviv, Caesarea and Sde Boker.

Planning and preparation has begun for the Elliott Simmons Maccabi GB Challenge Israel Tour which will take place in October 2018.  The preparatory work will include recruitment of partners, professional staff and schools, which will lead to publicising for the participants and carers.  In April, the participants will take part in an Orientation Weekend.  As well as general screening and “Get To Know You” activities, the participants will take part in their first Maccabi Shabbat, as well as receiving an introduction to Israel and overview of its history, explore the country and places they will visit.

The Maccabi GB Chanukah Torch Relay consists of a delegation from Maccabi Tzair (Maccabi World Union’s youth movement) travelling across the country spreading the message of Maccabi and teaching the story of Chanukah.

“As for my connection to Israel, I only have to glance at the 12 Israel-related internet tabs currently open on my laptop to see how much this trip has impacted my daily routine. I don’t want to lose this connection and I’m now investing time to see how I go about ensuring this!"

Oliver Orchant - aged 22

Maccabi GB Birthright Participant

For more information please contact the office on 020 8457 2333 or email enquiries@maccabigb.org