We are proud that our Organisation and brand is recognised throughout the Community as providing exceptional sporting opportunities for the entire Community.

We believe that every child deserves a quality physical education and our engagement starts with our School Sports Programme. We engage an incredible 4000 young people each week at 16 Jewish schools through our PE Curriculum Lessons and School Sports Clubs. In addition to this, Maccabi GB Schools Sports Tournaments remain the only time the Jewish schools come together. We run an incredible 33 Tournaments run per year engaging 6,000 young people in 16 different sports. Delivering PE Curriculum in 2 Charedi Schools laid the path for the first ever Maccabi GB Charedi schools football tournament to take place.

In addition to our School Sports Programme, Maccabi GB continues to offer sports provision to all ages and to all abilities.

Alongside out school sports programme we work closely with various Youth Clubs, such as Langdon. Our sports team run sports sessions on a monthly basis for their members.

We are the leaders in providing a Jewish e-Sports competitive environment, having created a global Maccabi e-Sports FIFA competition. Prior to that we ran a successful e-Sports FIFA competition in April 2020.

We provide support to our two affiliate community football leagues, the Maccabi GB Southern Football League, which consists of 750 players from the age of 16 upwards and the Maccabi GB Junior Football League, this league provides football for children between the ages of 6 and 12 on a weekly basis across three venues.

We have also begun daily seated exercises. These are designed for those who may have limited mobility or are unable to undertake prolonged exercise and they focus on developing strength, mobility and flexibility in bite size sessions.