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Maccabi GB Southern Football League update

The league has, sadly, lost two of its Vice Presidents over the last month or so.

Howard Moss was a former Vice Chairman as well as serving as the Hon Sports Director of Maccabi GB and one of the organisation’s Vice-Presidents.

Mike Lambert was also a former Vice Chairman.

Both served the league with distinction, and we offer both families Long Life.

The league programme is progressing well, and the Cyril Anekstein Cup has reached the last eight. All the results and League Standings can be seen on the FA Full Time website, as well as our own at the League Republic.

All matches have been covered by Referees which is such a bonus. The image of the league is so important to attract people to perform this vital role.

However, the discipline, at times, leaves much to be desired. There seems to have been an abundance of sin bins resulting from dissent to match officials. Dissent turns good referees away, so we really need to improve. Having said that, I sit on the FA disciplinary panels and, from the cases I deal with, we are high up the scale of good behaviour!

The current situation in Israel has involved us in one or two fundraising initiatives and I hope that our clubs and players will participate.

From David Wolff, Chairman, Maccabi GB Southern Football League

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