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We put young people and their potential at the heart of our vision. Not just because they’re the leaders of tomorrow, but because we believe they’re a powerful force for change today.

Our Vision...
…is of a society that values young Jewish people and in which every young Jewish person has the opportunity to take a full and active part in contributing to British life and society.

Our Mission...
…is to offer essential life skills and experiences to help young Jewish people transition from empowered youth to engaged young adult. We believe in young people not only as leaders of tomorrow, but as a powerful force for positive change in society today. We aim to remove barriers to participation and offer training and development in a fun, flexible yet safe, structured environment and so enable each and every young Jewish person to reach their future potential.

Our Values...
…are fundamental to all our work and the idea of ‘giving back’ is central to the ethos of JLGB. Across our local, regional and national networks, we live our values by providing regular experiences that enable young people to feel the positive difference they can make to the world around them through volunteering, interfaith and intergenerational projects in both the Jewish community and wider society.

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