Leadership by Streetwise 2019/20 Application Form


Leadership by Streetwise is a unique Sports Leadership programme delivered by Streetwise and the community's sports provider, Maccabi GB. The programme is accredited by Sports Leaders UK.

Leadership will give you the qualifications and skills needed to lead sports sessions, coach teams and run sporting events, inspiring the community through your passion for sport. Sports Leaders UK's Level 1, 2 and 3 will stand out on your UCAS form and impress future employers.

The Course is open for young people in school years 10 – 13.  The programme comprises of two residential weekends, the first in November/December and the second in March.  Participants are required to attend both weekends. The Residential Weekends are a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends from all over the UK, learn about Israel and Judaism, enjoy a vibrant Shabbat atmosphere and have an amazing time away.

In addition to the two residential weekends we run a number of Hands-on Events throughout February, March and April, providing participants with training and practical Leadership experience.  Participants and required to attend at least one of the Hands-on Event which provides participants with 2 hours of volunteering or a Maccabi GB Communal event, particularly the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run (the biggest annual sporting event in the community), providing 5 voluntary hours.

Each year of the course requires participants to complete and number of voluntary hours:

  • Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership (year 10) – 5
  • Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership (year 11) – 10
  • Level 3 Award in Higher Sports Leadership (year 12–13) – 30 hours spread over the 2 years


Payment Information

Individual Annual Fee of £300

Sibling Annual Fee of £220

The prices includes the following:

  • All administration fees for the course accreditation with Sports Leaders UK
  • Training costs and materials for the accredited course
  • Full board for all Residential Weekends
  • Travel for Second Residential Weekend (First Residential Weekend will be in London area and travel will only be provided for Northern participants)
  • Leadership T-Shirt and Certificate