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The Antisemitism in Sport Project launched in September 2023 in partnership with the Office of HM Government's Independent Adviser on Antisemitism. The project is actively addressing antisemitism within the realm of British sports, initially concentrating on the football pyramid. The initiative seeks to explore educational opportunities as part of governing bodies' equality and diversity training networks. The Project's goal is to involve Sports Clubs, Organisations, Leagues, and more in educating themselves about the historical context and contemporary manifestations of antisemitism. Through this, it aims to empower these entities with the knowledge and tools necessary to recognise and combat antisemitism within a sporting environment.


Antisemitism in Sport – The Statistics

  • In the 2022/23 season, Kick It Out received a record 1,007 reports of discriminatory behaviour across the football pyramid.

  • 74 reports of Antisemitic incidents in professional football from January 2022 - June 2023.

  • In grassroots football, children as young as 7 have been targeted with Antisemitic abuse.

  • Over 50% of incidents in 2022 were targeted at Tottenham Hotspur or their fans.


Recent News

Chelsea F.C – Antisemitism in Football Training Workshop, 19th September 2023


Maccabi GB’s Antisemitism in Sport project co-hosted its first training workshop at Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea Football Club.


Keynote speakers, Lord Mann and Yoni from CST, discussed a range of issues facing professional and grassroots football, from the history of Antisemitism as the world’s oldest hatred, to the modern manifestations of Antisemitism, and how to tackle the issue when it arises in football.


The attendees included Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officers from Fulham F.C, Arsenal, Gillingham and Chelsea, as well as representatives from Suffolk FA and the PFA, as well as Maccabi GB, CST and Kick It Out.


The workshop was well-received and left the attendees eager to carry their knowledge back to their respective clubs and FAs.

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