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March of the Living

March of the Living is a 6 day educational journey in Poland where UK Students, Young Adults and Adults join the best educators and remarkable survivors to learn about 1,000 years of Jewish Life in Poland and the devastation and horrors of the Holocaust. The journey builds up to the International March of the Living event where the UK delegation joins thousands of Jewish people, from over 40 countries around the world, to share in a once in a lifetime experience marching the three kilometres from Auschwitz to Birkenau.

The pace of change in the world is relentless and with it comes new challenges and uncertainties - not least for our young people. Jewish students are experiencing the rise of antisemitism, making life very difficult on campuses across the country. As a consequence Jewish identity is under threat, with many young people finding it increasingly difficult to publicly display their Jewishness in the face of extreme racism, intolerance and hatred.
It is only through education that change can occur. Learning the lessons from the Holocaust - specifically through the experience delivered by March of the Living - has proven to be particularly formative for students grappling with these issues on a daily basis.

By fundraising for March of the Living you will enable hundreds more young people from the UK to take part in and benefit from the March of the Living trip.

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