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Chana is the leading Jewish fertility support organisation in the UK. For 30 years we have been supporting couples with the emotional, practical, halachic and financial challenges of infertility, baby loss, miscarriage and reproductive health issues. Our team comprising of experienced psychotherapists, an in-house scientific advisor, an expert medical advisory panel and an esteemed rabbinic panel all combine their knowledge to ensure a bespoke package of multidisciplinary care and support for every couple on their journey.

Knowledge is power and Chana is actively involved in providing educational sessions and events for GPs, schools, Rabbis and Rebbetzins and the general community on reproductive health and medical advances.

1 in 6 couples experience infertility. Chana is currently actively supporting 250 couples desperately trying to have a baby. Over the past year 142 new couples have approached Chana for support – that’s almost 3 new couples per week! Chana receives no governmental support and with increased demand on our services, the community’s support is more important than ever.

890- Chana babies born to date….and counting…

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