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Heads Up Kids

Heads Up Kids is a social and emotional wellbeing charity promoting positive mental health, currently working with over 40 primary schools, with over 5500 children using our resources a year.

Our mission as a charity is to provide high quality emotional wellbeing education to as many children in primary schools as possible. This is driven by and in response to the growing mental health crisis - one in 5 children now face probable mental health issues according to NHS Digital 2023 – and our curriculum is a proactive solution. The whole-class experience develops emotional literacy, builds class cohesion and creates a lasting culture of wellbeing as well as a foundation for positive mental health.

Our programmes centre around emotional literacy, emotional regulation, getting along with others, and building positivity and resilience. They are broad reaching, building confidence and self-esteem, and supporting children with the tools they need for collaborative work, positive relationships, problem‐solving and empathy – all essential skills for life. As a result of our training, teachers feel equipped and confident to run the sessions, embed wellbeing in the culture of their classrooms and support the social and emotional needs of the children in their class.
Having started in the Jewish community we are now expanding to all schools across the UK. Our aim is to provide our programme completely free of charge to schools to ensure that all children have early access to a preventative mental health provision. We are committed to supporting schools and parents to raise a generation of children with positive mental health.

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