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17th Year of the Alan Senitt Leadership Programme

This academic year saw the 17th year of the Alan Senitt Upstanders Leadership Programme. This programme was first established by the Alan Senitt Memorial Trust in 2008/9, and is facilitated by Stand Up! and Streetwise, as projects of Maccabi GB. Throughout the year, 90 students from 9 schools across Greater London become a tight-knit group, and are inspired to actualise their own anti-discrimination social action projects.

Students from King Solomon High School, Copthall, Nower Hill, Immanuel College and JFS formed one half of the Alan Senitt Programme. From the first Seminar, hosted at King Solomon, the group bonded with ease and were excited about the prospect of meeting new people. Participants were quick to produce many ideas with the aim of bettering the world around them, following in the footsteps of Alan Senitt himself. With the support of their teachers, each school decided to focus on a project that they were passionate about. The JFS students introduced “Spread a Smile” to the school, raising money for the charity through a non-uniform day, and holding a toy and games drive, to be donated to children in hospital. Students from Nower Hill School educated their wider student body about south Asian discrimination, through assemblies and workshops. They started a “South Asian Film Club” at school, the legacy of which they plan to continue into the next academic year. Raising awareness of an issue that many of the students had themselves faced, was particularly powerful to the other students on the Programme.

The second half of the Programme involved students from Guru Nanak Sikh Academy, JCoSS, Watford Grammar School for Boys, and Yavneh College. The students particularly enjoyed visiting the Gurdwara at Guru Nanak and learning about the Sikh religion and culture. The students also visited the synagogue at Yavneh College, which sparked many questions and discussions about Jewish practice and belief. Watford Grammar students were particularly passionate about raising awareness of homelessness, through assemblies and social action events. They worked with local charities, using their skills and teamwork to create effective change in the community. All the students involved in the Alan Senitt Programme are inspirational, and their projects have proven that they are the true changemakers of tomorrow.

This was an exceptional and challenging year to hold an interfaith programme. In light of these challenges, the Alan Senitt team worked closely with the schools and students to foster mutual understanding. Our students were able to not only coexist but grow and learn from one another throughout the year. We are exceptionally proud of this cohort of future leaders for overcoming assumptions and barriers in the name of collaboration and combatting discrimination together.

We are looking forward to seeing the students complete their projects, and graduate from the Alan Senitt Programme, at a special event with friends and family.


To learn more about Alan Senitt Programme, please visit here.

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