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Antisemitism education in a time of crisis

Stand Up! is an interfaith programme, created by Maccabi GB, in partnership with CST and Tell Mama, delivering educational workshops, lectures and interactive programmes to students aged 11-18. Facilitators from Jewish and Muslim backgrounds model a partnership of collaboration, demonstrating how groups often perceived as oppositional can work together successfully. Each workshop is age-appropriate, and all workshops are offered free of charge.

Our sessions have never been more relevant since the outbreak of war. From October 7th to December 1st Stand Up! have visited a total of 29 schools across London. We have delivered 154 sessions, reaching 7,445 students in the same period. We have worked with CST to take referrals from tens of schools where they have seen antisemitism and Stand Up! has delivered many workshops to both staff and students as a result of incidents.

During this period, we have been proud to deliver sessions for the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. On November 3rd the Stand Up! team were invited to an event hosted by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime at County Hall. The event saw a number of charities deliver educational sessions for the Future Leaders UK participants, one of whom said...

“The Stand Up! workshop inspired me the most today. Simply watching the two speakers – a Muslim man and Jewish woman look so passionate about putting an end to discrimination made me want to contribute to that cause as well. It made me realise that I myself can use my voice and become part of these conversations where my concerns will be addressed.”

Stand Up! team meeting with Mayor Sadiq Kahn

The Mayor also attended a Stand Up! workshop at a school in North London, where he observed the team delivering a workshop, and spoke to the students about the impact of discrimination and hate crime. See the video of the event here

November also marks Islamophobia Awareness Month. Mohammed, Stand Up! project coordinator, wrote a blog about combatting Islamophobia. Click here to read it!

In November, Jodie, Stand Up! Assistant Manager, spoke at the Children's Rights Inquiry in Parliament. The topic chosen by the young people was discrimination, and Jodie informed two hundred young people and educators about Stand Up!’s work, and answered questions prepared by the young panelists. It was a pleasure to see the enthusiasm of the young people to counter racism and discrimination as and when they see it.

Stand Up! delivering a Teacher Training session in a Secondary school in North London

The Stand Up! team are looking forward to educating thousands more students in December! If you would like to book a Stand Up! workshop for your school, Please visit our website.

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