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Empowering Communities Through Sports Leadership

Updated: Mar 1

During half-term this month, our Sport and Education teams delivered a series of engaging Leadership 'Hands-on' events within the community. These events aimed to train Leadership participants in specific aspects of sports delivery while fostering engagement with diverse groups with additional needs.

Wednesday, 14th February - Kisharon Langdon

Two Leadership participants had the opportunity to meet with the Head of Jewish Life and Community from Kisharon Langdon. Following this, they planned and ran 45-minute accessible sport sessions for 17 adult members with various needs. The positive feedback received, coupled with the smiles on everyone's faces, emphasised the success of the session.

Thursday, 15th February - Norwood

Three Leadership participants attended Norwood’s half-term camp, where they spoke with Nathan about what sort of sessions he had run there previously and what aspects they would need to think about when planning their own session. Although Norwood weren’t too sure how many participants were going to join in, they were very surprised when all 5 of their participants joined in for the entirety of their programme.

Thursday, 15th February - Edgeware and Hendon Reform Synagogue

Also, on the Thursday the Leadership participants attended the Half term scheme at EHRS. We had a great morning discussing with the participants what their expectations were as it was their first Hands on event, as well as helping them to plan two really great sessions. They ran one session for 20 children aged 4-8 and then a separate session with the 8-11 year old's. It was really great to see the participants throw themselves in and all get fully involved.

Monday, 19th February - Jewish Care - Selig Court

Leadership participants had an enlightening experience at Jewish Care's Selig Court, not only did they get to see some of the great work that Jewish Care does, but they also got to speak and interact with some of their members prior to running their session. They planned an accessible mini-golf session for some of their elderly members.

"Its really great to have something new here at Selig Court and we look forward to seeing them in the future” - 102 year old member

All of the participants represented not only themselves but also Maccabi GB and the Leadership programme with extreme professionalism and we are all very proud of them.

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