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Leadership by Streetwise Hands-on events

Leadership by Streetwise is a unique Sports Leadership programme delivered by Streetwise and the community's sports provider, Maccabi GB. We run this programme for students in Year 10-13, our current cohort this year is made up of 60 participants. Throughout the year we run 2 residential trips; the first of these was run in November and our next upcoming trip is in March, which we are all very excited for.

Alongside this we also run our Hands on Events throughout the year. These are the main outlet for our leaders to show us and use the knowledge that they have learnt during the programme. We try and partner up with a variety of charities and organisations so that the opportunities we can offer are really varied.

Monday – 13th February

On Monday we hosted an in-house hands-on event for some of our leadership participants, they got to experience behind the scenes at Maccabi GB; talking to all of our staff members within different departments. One of our leadership participants, Talia Rosen said “I didn’t know the various sections that Maccabi GB worked with, its really great to see”. The participants then got to use their leadership skills to plan and run a sports session for some of our staff members as well as a social media plan for International Women’s Day.

Wednesday - 15th February

On Wednesday we welcomed our leadership participants back to our offices with a focus on planning and running events, their main focus of the day was The Maccabi GB Community Fun Run, they began brainstorming a variety of ideas that they could plan and run on the day, they then ran a mock session for some of our staff members as if it was the day of the event. After this the participants set out making a promotional video that would be shown in schools to get people excited for the event. They decided on script, footage, and other visuals that they wanted to include.

Thursday – 16th February

On Thursday in partnership with Kisharon, we ran a hands-on event at Kisharon Noé School.

During the morning we heard a really insightful talk from Sara Levin the Head of Jewish Living at Kisharon. After this we ran some sports sessions for the leadership participants and then discussed how these could be adapted for people with varying disabilities. The participants then spent the afternoon brainstorming and creating a sports session that we were going to run, later in the afternoon they ran a really successful 40-minute sports session for around 20 adults from Kisharon. Our leadership participants really gained a lot from this event; one of our participants, Yonni Levy said “Something that we may think is really small to us may be really big to someone else and its great to see the impact we can have”.

We are really looking forward to all of our leadership projects throughout the year such as our next residential trip in March and future hands-on events in April and Summer.

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