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Our education projects start the year off strong

Updated: Jan 25

As children returned to schools after the winter break, so to did the Stand Up team. We spent the week prior to term starting updating our presentations to ensure that our content is as up to date and accurate as possible.

Stand Up at Future Leaders UK

Other than delivering our anti-bullying and anti-discrimination workshops in high schools across London as usual, there were a couple of January highlights for the Stand Up team. Firstly, we are proud to have continued and strengthened our partnership with Future Leaders UK, a year-long free, accredited and award-winning leadership programme for Sixth Form students across London. Future Leaders invited us to deliver our anti-discrimination sessions in each of their North, South, East and West ‘hubs’, reaching 800 students across the 4 hubs.

Stand Up also took part in JCOSS’s Rosh Chodesh (new month) initiative whereby various organisations working in the Jewish charity world are invited to run workshops for high school students.

We found that it was a special and meaningful way to mark the beginning of a new month in the Jewish calendar and took the opportunity to find out what the other impressive organisations participating are up to. In addition, Stand Up, as well as Tackling Antisemitism in Sport were invited to Stamford Bridge to deliver a joint workshop regarding discrimination in football for school children from 4 different London Boroughs. Stand Up! also worked in collaboration with Islington Council and Arsenal FC to deliver workshops to school pupils local to the Emirates Stadium, in the lead up to Holocaust Memorial Day.

In January, the Stand Up project reached 2,400 students across 19 different schools.

For more information about the work of Stand Up! and to book a session please click here.


Streetwise - New year, New Opportunities

As we begin 2024, the school year is still very much in full swing with their second term of the year.


This month, Streetwise has visited a total of 16 schools and community settings, reaching a total of 1,396 young people. The team are still responding to schools and communities wanting education based on knowledge, awareness and confidence boosting post October 7th and the programmes part of Streetwise’ ‘Personal Safety Response’ have reached 1,050 young people in this month alone.


Spring Term sees the start of Sexual Health workshops in schools before we focus again on National Campaigns in February. Our ‘online wellbeing’ programmes, new for 2023/24, have been in demand and the content is growing due to the increase in device usage and the development of AI.


On 17th January, we were honoured to be invited to Radley College, by Dame Helen Hyde, for the yearly conference on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day. Nathan Servi delivered a session on Contemporary Antisemitism to 300 year 13 students from the College, as well as St. Helen’s school. The day included a brilliant lecture by Alex Maws of AJR on the Kindertransport, and in the afternoon, the students met six Holocaust Survivors who spoke with the cohort about their experiences during the Holocaust.

Holocaust Memorial Day at Radley College

For more information about the work of Streetwise click here.


This month, the ‘Tackling Antisemitism in Sport’ project delivered our antisemitism in football workshop for a range of audiences, including varying personnel at football clubs and County Football Associations.

The Project is also continually coordinating the response to any antisemitic incidents that have taken place in grassroots football, offering proactive training workshops to clubs in order to identify and combat anti-Jewish hate in the game.

With the upcoming commemoratory Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD), several clubs requested that we provide educational sessions which sought to cover the contemporary issues of antisemitism. This started with Chelsea Football Club who, in preparation for their own HMD plans, requested workshops for their Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) team and Education team to improve their understanding of antisemitism in a football setting, as well as ways in which the Holocaust impacted Jewish people in football.

“THANK YOU for your support that was a great session!” - Alfie Butwell, Senior ED&I Manager, Chelsea F.C.

We returned to Chelsea just a week later, where we were invited to speak alongside the StandUp! team to around 120 secondary school students about antisemitism in football and wider society, as part of their ‘Standing Together’ program, which supported by the Mayor of London’s ‘Shared Endeavour Fund’,

Our antisemitism in football workshop was also requested by the Head of ED&I at Arsenal Football Club, which we will be providing in an online format as part of their ‘lunch and learn’ series at the end of January.

Arsenal also invited us to speak to their steward supervising team of around 100 people, over 3 back-to-back one-hour-long sessions, which were well-received by the participants.

“I wanted to say a big THANK YOU! For running your workshops last night initially feedback from the group is that they found your session engaging and very interesting.” Kerrie Robbins, Steward Training and Recruitment Manager, Arsenal F.C.

We have one more workshop scheduled for the end of January which will be received by the communications team at Wolverhampton Wanderers, who are keen to participate in our antisemitism in football session before we look to offer the training for wider playing and non-playing groups at the club.

For more information about the ‘Tackling Antisemitism in Sport’ project, please click here.


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