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Stand Up! Empowering Youth, Breaking Stereotypes

Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination has been as active as ever in March. We have engaged with a total of 5,000 students across a range of projects including the Alan Senitt Upstanders Leadership Programme seminar days, primary school sessions and programming outside of London. This period marks the end of a successful period of funding from the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime and the Shared Endeavour Fund.


With the announcement of another year of funding opportunities open to organisations tackling hate and intolerance, Jodie, Stand Up! Assistant Manager, said:

“The support from the Mayor’s Office and the Shared Endeavour Fund in 2023/24, allowed Stand Up! to reach more young people across London during a critical time in which antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents have reached an all-time high (particularly affecting young people in school settings). Thanks to SEF Funding, Stand Up! has reached over 14,000 young Londoners since September 2023, facilitating a safe space for young people to meet Jewish and Muslim facilitators to breakdown misconceptions and stereotypes targeting minority communities."

Read more about the Mayor's funding here.

Stand Up! is very grateful for the relationship we maintain with MOPAC and the Shared Endeavour Fund. We are proud to be engaging in further anti-discrimination outreach throughout the academic summer term thanks to the continued support of the SEF.


In the past month we have facilitated Alan Senitt Upstanders Leadership seminar days for the 9 schools taking part in the programme. Both seminar days focussed on upskilling participants’ communication as well as exploring the idea of the Role Model and its relationship with Leadership. In addition to the workshops, we heard exciting updates from the schools’ social action projects; King Solomon High School have overseen a school food drive, Copthall School successfully hosted a bake-sale fundraiser and Nower Hill High School raised awareness of South-Asian discrimination by facilitating assemblies.

The Stand Up! team is excited to continue to extend our anti-discrimination workshops beyond London, embarking on a week-long journey of the Midlands and the North in April. This month, the team have been in classrooms almost every single day delivering our workshops, combatting antisemitic and anti-Muslim stereotypes. Looking ahead to the summer term, we’re eager to continue our impactful work across schools around the country.

If you would like Stand Up! to visit your/your child’s school, don’t hesitate to be in touch here.

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