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Streetwise: Leadership Success

Last weekend, 30 young leaders and 15 tzevet members joined us for our Maccabi Leadership Residential. The programme began back in November through a series of monthly evenings that explored leadership skills, sports development and community engagement.


Our weekend began diving straight into our Shabbat programme led by our wonderful Year 12s. They had planned a ‘Hidden Identities’ programme in light of the then upcoming festival of Purim, which encouraged the participants to consider their own unique connections to Judaism as future Jewish leaders and what they aspire to gain from this programme personally.

"Highlight of my weekend" - one of our younger participants on the Shabbat session.

Following engaging conversations around the dinner table, we then embarked on our Friday Night ‘Traitors’ programme continuing the theme of identity. Our first day ended in our typical Leadership 411 discussion where we covered thought provoking topics such as stereotypes and our digital footprint in a safe space that allowed our young people to voice their views or concerns.


We started our Saturday with a variety of sports sessions, where the leaders were given the opportunity to learn about adapting sports for different needs. One of our Year 13s delivered a brilliant session adapting dance for those with hearing impairments.

"It was amazing this weekend to have the opportunity to put all my learning into felt like such an achievement"

The leaders then split off into their year groups for our leadership-specific sessions on welfare and barriers in sport. These sessions provide insight into what the programme aims to do, giving our participants the chance to develop skills such as communication and flexibility that can be used outside of the sports leadership realm.


In the afternoon, we continued looking at identity and leadership, with sessions on Antisemitism in Sport and Jewish Identity delivered by members of the wider Maccabi team. Following Havdalah, we handed the reigns to our Year 13s who delivered their final contribution to the programme (as participants), their infamous ‘Around the World in 80 Minutes’ session bringing to life the idea of travel and identity through a series of international games and activities!


To close the weekend, our Krav Maga instructor visited to deliver some fantastic self-defense sessions, enabling the Streetwise aim of enhancing Personal Safety and Development in young people in the community.

We were thrilled at the high level of engagement and positive efforts put in by both staff and participants alike.

"There was a real sense of community and a very welcoming atmosphere" - One of our staff members on her first weekend

We are really impressed with how our participants threw themselves into the weekend and feel like it was an extremely special event to be part of. We look forward to seeing what our leaders will bring to the future of Maccabi GB, whether that be through the upcoming EMYG as volunteers and managers, and other community engagements beyond.

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