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CST Antisemitic Incidents Report 2023

Updated: Feb 16

We are proud to partner with CST to deliver essential education on Contermporary Antisemitism and Personal Safety to thousands of young Jewish and non-Jewish people across the country.

With the new Antisemitic Incidents Report 2023 published this week, we want to highlight our partnership work in the education and sport sectors.

Through our sessions we aim to:

• Assess, develop and enhance students’ understanding of Antisemitism, its history, tropes and modern manifestations, through the framework of British Values

• Provide practical and responsible strategies to counter Antisemitism and hate crime both on and offline, including reporting to the Police and CST

• Develop students’ understanding and confidence in their identity, civic and social responsibility, as part of the Jewish Community and in wider society, specifically empowering them to feel prepared for future stages in their lives 

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