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Streetwise - Strengthening Online Safety Education

Updated: Mar 1

Throughout February, Streetwise, in collaboration with CEOP trained professionals and in alliance with Safety Internet Day 2024, has been delivering our Primary School Online Safety Campaign. Streetwise have reached 5000 young people across 17 different schools, empowering them to navigate the internet safely and positively. Additionally, we've delivered 8 sessions aimed at parents and carers, advising them on the best way to play a key role in helping their children use the internet responsibly.

We're proud to have featured in the newsletter (left) of Birmingham King David Primary School, one of the 17 schools where out Online Safety Campaign was implemented.

Building on our success in London's Langdon, we've expanded our inclusive learning strategy to Manchester. Together with the Friendship Circle, Streetwise are going to be delivering sessions monthly to members who attend these provisions, with the hope of enhancing our support of inclusive learning and education within the northern communities.

The team continues to respond to schools and communities seeking education focused on knowledge, awareness and confidence boosting post October 7th. This ongoing effort has been delivered in two parts: the first addresses general, modern issues on antisemitism, while the second delves into the generation and spread of misinformation online. Streetwise have delivered and booked sessions in over 10 JSocs this year, reaching students in London, Essex and Leeds.

Drawing insights from the CST’s Incident Report 2023, Streetwise is now gearing up for the third installment of this response. Scheduled throughout March, this phase will concentrate on how to effectively report and respond to various types of incidents, ensuring communities are equipped with the necessary tools report and respond to different types of incidents.

Streetwise have signed up to facilitate sessions at part of ORT UK’s employability workshops, supporting with the empowerment of young people within the community to make positive choices about their next steps of education.

Yvie Feldman (left) attends the ORT UK Event at Yavneh College

In total, our Streetwise team has visited a total of 34 schools and community settings this month, reaching a total of 6093 young people.

For further information on how to book a Streetwise session, please visit our website.

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