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Stand Up! - Empowering Youth Against Hate and Discrimination

Updated: Mar 1

The Stand Up! Education against Discrimination team has had another jam-packed month. Throughout February, our team delivered a total of 67 sessions across the UK, reaching an impressive 3,159 young people. Our Jewish and Muslim educators successfully come together to present our message of unity, and standing together against hate.

Jodie and Mohammed visited Manchester, and facilitated workshops for 800 students at Manchester High School for Girls and Withington Girls School. The sessions were very well received, and the team looks forward to more travel across the country as the school year progresses.

Jodie and Mo at Manchester High

It is important to keep learning and growing as professionals, and the Stand Up! team set aside time in February to collaborate and learn from other organisations who also aim to challenge hate and discrimination. The team attended a webinar, organised by Encate, discussing Israel/Palestine in the classroom, and sharing experiences and recommendations for best practice. It is clear schools are faced with huge challenges regarding this topic, and charities learning from shared experiences is a helpful step towards supporting schools at this time. The Stand Up! team also attended a performance of "Kindness: a legacy of the Holocaust", a play created by Voices of the Holocaust, based on the testimony of Holocaust survivor Susan Pollack MBE. This impactful performance is performed in schools across the country to not only educate about the horrors of the past, but to share messages of hope for a better future. It was incredibly moving to watch the performance, and take part in a facilitated discussion with Susan herself.

Reflecting back on the last 4 months since October 7th , it is incredible to see the amount of schools Stand Up! has delivered in, reaching over 14,000 young people. Creating a safe, educational environment for students to ask questions and express their views is a responsibility the team does not take lightly, and it is gratifying to see the overwhelmingly positive response to Stand Up! workshops by both students and staff. Below are just some of the student testimonials, after receiving a Stand Up! workshop.

“It was again extremely insightful and enlightening as facts were brought to the table to ensure that an unbiased view of what is going on around the world was made apparent to us."
“I really liked the session because it gave me a chance to hear what my peers believed and made me understand how much of an impact social media has on everyone around us. I found that the session covered many topics that are not talked about enough.”
“It encourages anti-discrimination and raises awareness about the toxicity of unfounded hate against a particular ethnic group. This is the way to foster a harmonious and functioning society.”

If you would like Stand Up! to visit your/your child’s school, don’t hesitate to be in touch here.

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