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Maccabi GB continue to share the story of Chanukah through the 78th Torch Relay

On Tuesday 20th December, Maccabi GB and Maccabi Tzair concluded the 78th Torch relay. This is the first time in three years that Maccabi GB have been able to hold this in person, facilitating over 40 educational sessions, to schools, youth groups and care homes across the country enabling over 2,000 people to learn about the story of Chanukah.

Maccabi Tzair, the youth movement of Maccabi World Union, continues to send delegations of young Israeli teens on the Chanukah Torch Relay, touring the world and bringing the message of Chanukah to schools and community organisations, and creating a spiritual connection between Diaspora Jewry and Israel. This year the delegation was made up of six members from Maccabi Tzair; Shaked Rachamim, Ilan Gottfried, Noam Cohen, Einav Aharoni, Mika Kiselstein, Tali Engel and were lead by Madrich by Yinon Zur.

Activities over the five days included arts and crafts, games, stories, music and lots of Chanukah themed fun for everyone involved.

The delegation held sessions for; Clore Shalom School, Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School, Independent Jewish Day School, Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary School, Sinai Jewish Primary School and Yavneh Primary School. In addition to visiting primary schools, the delegation also delivered sessions in Jewish Care retirement living homes, Jewish Care Festival of Lights Parade and at Finchley Reform Synagogue for their Chanukah Party running a variety of activities.

Head of the Delegation Yinon Zur commented “We came a long way from Israel but immediately felt like we're at home. In one short week we met an amazing and diverse community, met interesting people and experienced new things. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did and we wish we could stay longer. It was a pleasure. We want to thank you and wish you Chag Chanukah Sameach! We hope the light of the Maccabees will keep burning in you.”

Maccabi GB’s Head of Events and Business Development, Candice Mendes da Costa said, “We were delighted that the Torch Relay delegation could return back in person this year, delivering the story of Chanukah to so many people throughout the Country. It has been an honour to work with the whole delegation and to see the joy and happiness on people’s faces enjoying and interacting with all the sessions.’

The Maccabi GB Chanukah Torch Relay expresses the Maccabi Movement’s values: the continuity of the Jewish People, the love for Israel, freedom and independence and we look forward to the 79th Torch Relay happening next year.

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