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Maccabi GB Strategy 2024 - 2029

A Message from our CEO Ashley Lerner

For over two decades Maccabi GB has been at the center of Jewish communal life.  From the Maccabiah to the Community Fun Run; from Streetwise and Stand Up! to our Leadership programmes and from Yellow Candle to School Sports Tournaments, we are proud of all we have achieved to date.


Now is the time to set our course for our next chapter and ensure that the impact of the Organisation reaches as far and as wide as possible.


I am delighted to share with you the Maccabi GB Strategy 2024-2029.


After over a year of extensive research, we have identified key challenges for Maccabi GB, both within the Jewish community and broader British society. We analysed our existing services and developed comprehensive plans to expand the scope of our engagement.  Our focus is on ensuring the sustainability of our programmes and measuring their impact. As we implement our new strategic plan, we are inspired by their potential and have confidence that they will support us in realising our vison of:


‘A healthy, active and proud Jewish community integrated within British society’


Our mission in order to achieve this is:


‘To create inclusive sporting, community and educational experiences that strengthen Jewish identity, enhance wellbeing and inspire engagement in the Jewish community, Israel and beyond’


You will see within the document we have identified core values and specific objectives which will be the Organisation’s guiding light.


Our new Theory of Change model has three distinct areas of work, problems that the community and country have and how Maccabi GB will work to resolve these:


  • Sport, Health & Wellbeing

  • Education & Development of Jewish People

  • Contribution to British Society


You can view and download the Maccabi GB Strategy 2024-2029 by clicking here.

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