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Streetwise – “A personal safety response”

“Society is where we come together to achieve collectively what none of us can do alone.” – Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.

The past few months have been extremely challenging for many of us within the community. At Streetwise – a partnership project between Maccabi GB and CST – we have been working with a group of fantastic facilitators, delivering personal safety sessions to many Jewish primary schools, secondary schools and community settings across the country, providing essential training for young Jewish people in schools and communal settings.

Our “Personal Safety Response” has been delivered in two parts. The first half focuses on promoting general personal safety, street awareness and how to report antisemitism. The second half focuses on the importance of young people ensuring that they ‘question, validate & consider’, whilst using online spaces.

JFS "Personal Safety Response" Streetwise Session

The Streetwise “Personal Safety Response”, along with Krav Maga has reached a total of 5850 young people from across the country, in 30 schools and community settings. This includes young people from London, Essex, Leeds, Scotland, and Manchester since the horrific attacks of October 7th.

In the month of November, Streetwise travelled to Scotland to deliver our Personal Safety response to young people in the community at Glasgow MGB. Streetwise also had a stand at the MGB Glasgow charity fair, which gave the opportunity for further conversations to take place.

As a member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Streetwise also promoted anti-bullying week's "Make a Noise" about bullying by delivering our anti-bullying campaign in primary schools throughout the month of November. Streetwise have delivered anti-bullying sessions within 18 schools and community settings, reaching a total of 3945 young people across the country in London, Essex, Scotland, and Manchester.

To bring our anti-bullying and personal safety work together, Streetwise wrote an article that will be displayed in this week’s JC, titled “Make a noise (in the right way) about bullying”. This includes information about antibullying week and how to be an upstander, with links to the personal safety and antisemitism work that we are currently delivering.

The Streetwise total reach for the month of November was 5180 young people.

Throughout the month of December, Streetwise will continue to deliver our “Personal Safety Response” within a variety of schools and community settings. Streetwise will also be delivering further sessions in the North of England, including Manchester and Leeds.

For further information on how to book a Streetwise session, please visit our website.

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