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Tackling Antisemitism in Sport

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

What is the ‘Tackling Antisemitism in Sport’ project?

Maccabi GB launched the ‘Tackling Antisemitism in Sport’ project in September 2023, in partnership with the Office of HM Government’s Independent Adviser on Antisemitism. The project is actively addressing antisemitism within the realm of British sports, initially concentrating on the football pyramid. The initiative seeks to explore educational opportunities as part of governing bodies' equality and diversity training networks. The Project's goal is to involve Sports Clubs, Organisations, Leagues, and more in educating themselves about the historical context and contemporary manifestations of antisemitism and how it impacts the sporting world.

Tackling Antisemitism in Sport project with the German Delegation

Latest News – November 2023

This month, Maccabi GB took part in several events which aimed to address the issue of antisemitism in football, starting with an Expert Conference on Antisemitism hosted by Chelsea Football Club, where leading figures in football discussed the issue and shared best practices. This was followed by our Project Manager accompanying Lord Mann’s office and a German delegation which included representatives from 6 clubs, a German anti-racism NGO and 3 leading figures from the DFL. The group were introduced to the work of Maccabi GB and visited CST, Tottenham Hotspur, and Arsenal, where they discussed the existing work in combatting antisemitism and how to encourage inter-community cohesion and inter-faith relations.

Also this month a workshop hosted by Leeds United and Kick It Out and chaired by Lord Mann, included representatives of Football Clubs and County FAs, including Newcastle United, Middlesbrough, Sheffield United, West Riding FA and more. Our project manager also travelled to the Suffolk FA where he gave training on antisemitism to the full staff team, which was found to have been “informative and enlightening”.

For more information about our ‘Tackling Antisemitism in Sport’ project, please click here.

Tackling Antisemitism in Sport workshop participants in Leeds

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