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Israel Festival

Israel Festival

This year, Maccabi GB acknowledges the community's strong desire to come together, celebrate, and express support for Israel. Therefore, this year, we are excited to announce the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run & Israel Festival. Happening on Sunday 23rd June, this event aims to be a unifying experience.

The Israel Festival will maintain the inclusive spirit of the Community Fun Run and, as always, all runners will have the opportunity to fundraise for their chosen charity. The festival will be apolitical, welcoming charities from across the political spectrum. Whilst having a slight shift in focus, the event will still be inclusive to all charities as normal, whether having direct connections to Israel or not.

'The Israel Festival' will immerse participants in the Israeli experience, featuring elements like authentic Israeli cuisine, vibrant Israeli music, the display of Israeli flags, and a distinct blue and white colour scheme. While incorporating these new elements, the event will retain the cherished components of the Community Fun Run, including the runs, Charity Fair, and Family Fun Zone. The performance area will be expanded, with a focus on showcasing Israeli music and dance performances.

Together, let's build a vibrant and inclusive celebration of Israel that unites our community. We look forward to welcoming you to the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run & Israel Festival.

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