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The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) is the leading national charitable organisation exclusively delivering social, welfare and volunteer services to Jewish victims of Nazi oppression living in Great Britain.

It offers unique opportunities for members to socialise and enjoy cultural outings and events up and down the country.

The AJR is also the largest supporter of Holocaust educational programmes, projects and initiatives to commemorate the Holocaust in the UK.

Today, The AJR’s Next Generation membership is fast growing - with many of the children and grandchildren of those original refugees joining the organisation to preserve and celebrate their family history.

The AJR has produced the audio-visual testimony archive, Refugee Voices. This collection of 300 filmed interviews creates a legacy of the experiences of the refugees and will advance and enhance Holocaust research for future generations.

The AJR's ‘My Story’ project tells the life stories of Jewish refugees and Holocaust survivors through the production of individual life story books to be kept as treasured memories and tools for reminiscence and to raise awareness about the Holocaust and Nazi oppression.

The UK Holocaust Map is an ongoing project of The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) and the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation.

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