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Arts Therapies for Children

Who is Arts Therapies for Children?

In response to the growing challenges faced by children and young people today, Arts Therapies for Children was established with a focus on supporting the children within the Jewish community. Recognising the increasing prevalence of mental health issues, ATFC's fundamental idea is to collaborate with schools and parents, offering essential therapy services to children in the community. Operating during the school day, ATFC ensures that therapy becomes an integral part of a child's weekly routine, creating a safe space within the familiar school environment.

Since 2016, Arts Therapies for Children has been dedicated to ensuring every child has timely access to effective therapeutic support. Partnering with over 35 Jewish primary schools in London, Hertfordshire, and Manchester, we prioritise creating a safe, caring space within the school environment. Our team of qualified art, play, and child psychotherapists and counsellors delivers various services, including art therapy, play therapy, Integrative counselling and psychotherapy supporting over 180 children each week. Emphasising the significance of therapeutic interventions in schools, we remain committed to providing essential frontline mental health services to vulnerable children who may not access support elsewhere.

ATFC now supports over 180 children per week across 35 Jewish Primary Schools in London, Hertfordshire, Hackney, and Manchester.

The cost of therapy is now £55 per session. Arts Therapies subsidises 40% (£22) per session, with the remaining 60% (£33) funded by either parents or schools. An emergency fund is also available for children in crisis.

£22 pays for one child to receive one session of Art Therapy.
£66 pays for one child to receive three sessions of Art Therapy.
£330 pays for one child to receive fifteen sessions/half an academic year of Art Therapy.
£660 pays for one child to receive thirty sessions/one academic year of Art Therapy.

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