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Bnei Akiva

Bnei Akiva inspires and empowers young Jews with a sense of commitment to the Jewish people (Am Yisrael), the Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael) and the Torah (Torat Yisrael). As the largest Orthodox Jewish youth movement in the UK, Bnei Akiva runs weekly activities, summer and winter camps, tours and gap years in Israel, and so much more! Bnei Akiva gives young Jewish people a framework to live a religious lifestyle in the modern world and a mission to make an active contribution to our community and the State of Israel. Bnei Akiva is more than just a cohort of individuals, we are a united community of like minded, young individuals. We describe ourselves as a youth movement, constantly changing and reshaping, moving with the times. Our Ideology is that of Torah Va’Avodah. In a nut shell, that expresses itself as Religious Zionism and Modern Orthodoxy. We at Bnei Akiva couple the challenges of living an orthodox Jewish Life within the modern world as well as promoting the need to make a positive contribution to Israel, in Israel.

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