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Camp Simcha

Camp Simcha exists to make a difference to seriously ill Jewish children and their families. Our mission is to ensure that no such child or their family, anywhere in the UK has to cope without our support.​

Our help extends to families with children from 0 – 18 years of age with any serious condition or illness, including but not limited to: degenerative or congenital conditions; all types of cancer; serious heart conditions; uncontrolled seizures; chronic conditions such as Diabetes and IBD, and serious mental health conditions. We also offer short-term support to families with premature babies or where a child has had serious surgery or suffered acute trauma, such as accidents or illnesses resulting in hospitalisation.

Camp Simcha is unique in that we provide bespoke 24/7 care for the whole family, through a wide range of practical, therapeutic and emotional support services. We also make a critical difference to children through powerful positive experiences.

We aim to provide essential support not only to the unwell child of each family but also the siblings, whose anxiety, loneliness and confusion can be extremely overwhelming. Our philosophy is that the most effective way to help a sick child is to improve things for the whole family.

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