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Jewish Child's Day

Jewish Child’s Day is the UK’s leading grant giving Jewish charity. We have been transforming the lives of children in need for 76 years, worldwide.

Jewish Child’s Day exists to benefit Jewish children in need, awarding grants to organisations who provide medical, educational, therapeutic and humanitarian aid, respite care, protection, poverty relief and much more to ensure that no child lives in poverty, need, pain or suffering – anywhere.

We work closely with organisations around the world to understand where there are funding requirements and to ensure the grants we award support the children and young people whom need it most, in the most direct manner.

The atrocities of October 7th 2023 have impacted on the lives of hundreds of thousands of children in Israel.
Since 7th October Jewish Child’s Day have been committed to rebuilding the lives of children in Israel. We have supported 26 projects throughout Israel since the start of the war, making a real difference to the lives of children affected through evacuation, displacement and trauma.

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